About Us

Our Mission Statement

Be-Great University College of Homeland Security and Defence (BUC) seeks to advance understanding of how professional practice of security, intelligence and investigations contribute to democracy, peace, economy and a diverse society, and to further produce graduates who can contribute to this understanding and dialogue. BUC graduates learn how to advance the body of knowledge in Investigative practice as well as security and intelligence by critically evaluating and conducting in-depth enquiries through theory, research and applied knowledge. By definition, BUC prepare, students, professionals, educators, scholars, etc. who, through management and research, can furnish leadership and service to their fields both locally and globally.

Our Vision

BUC’s vision is to be a University College that:

Promotes global peace and security through academic training Collaborate with Institutions that share our similar kind of aspirations To be the leading University College for encouraging governments and NGO’s to commend the teaching of Security, Intelligence, Defence and Investigation to Universities and Colleges

Establish and maintain a real academic life for the Security, Intelligence, Defence and Investigative communities. Provide lectureship career to candidates with a proven knowledge, analytical skills and experiential achievement or academic qualification of the Security and Intelligence education

Strengthen advance employability for our graduates through inspired research, innovation and creativity in training

Our Values

  • # We value the work of Security, Intelligence, Defence and Investigative communities, and strive towards empowering our students to acquire the ‘know-how’ to realise their career-potential with the subject-communities.
  • # We profoundly respect other Institutions with similar kind our focus, and encourage each and every relevant group to deem our collaborative partnership work, with the aim of forming a common academic environment for our students worldwide.


Be-Great University College of Homeland Security and Defence (BUC) received its government recognition in 2010 through the Department of Ministry of Justice (Registrar Generals Department) and it’s now firmly established in Ghana as a tertiary institution with a reputation for security, defence and intelligence research, and crime and investigative training excellence. We are a vibrant global academic community with energy and enthusiasm for our national security training mission. Well known at BUC for its innovation and commitment to attract dynamic group of scholars that make homeland security and intelligence teaching become highly sought after and valued across the country and around the world.

At BUC, the desire to remain first among equals informs everything we promise and do. We have great competitive advantage in academic training as we are placed apart in the usual educational disciplines and focus on law enforcement teachings and research. Our academic reputation in enhancing collaborative drive which creates institutional synergy with vibrant institutions both locally and internationally go beyond our aspirations of security, intelligence crime studies, conflict and diplomacy studies promotions.