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Be-Great University College of Homeland Security and Defence (previously named Be-Great Security and Intelligence Academy) was established in 2010, founded its study affiliates in the United Kingdom, China, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ghana, Nigeria, Jordan, Egypt, United States of America, ...

Be-Great University College of Homeland Security and Defence (BUC) received its government recognition in 2010 through the Department of Ministry of Justice (Registrar Generals Department) and it’s now firmly established in Ghana as a tertiary institution with ...


  • Health Safety and Environment
  • Policing and Crime Management
  • Intelligence Analysis and Management
  • Fraud and Economic Crime Investigation
  • Graphology and Cryptology
  • Defence and War Studies
  • B.Tech in Defence and Strategic Studies
  • B.Tech in Intelligence And Homeland Security with Options
  • B.Tech in Criminology , Policing and Investigation
  • B.Tech in Economic Crime and Fraud Investigation
  • B.Tech in Security Management
  • B.Tech in Forensic / Crime Scene Investigation
  • B.Tech in Law Enforcement Intelligence
  • PG And M.Tech in School Investigation, Forensic and Crime management with options
  • PG And M.Tech in School of Global Security and Policy with Options
  • PG And M.Tech in School of Defence and Security Studies with options
  • PG And M.Tech in School of Intelligence Studies with options

Video Stream


Inauguration of Be-Great Security and Defence University, with the Royal Chiefs, Queens, Government representatives, Religious leaders, etc.

The Royal King

The Royal King, Minister of Oil and Energy (Liberia), Political Women Organizer, BUC Vice-Chancellor at the launching of Be-Great University Security and Defence University College, Ghana.

Police Force

The General from Nigeria Police Force, Presbytery Archbishop, Royal Kings, Politicians, Representatives from international Security & Intelligence communities, etc. at Be-Great University College of Homeland Security and Defence

The General of Police

The General of Police arriving at Be-Great Defence University College for special international program.

The Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor of lectures the public on National Security, Terrorism and Counterintelligence at the Armed Forces Hall in the presence media institutions including TV Africa.